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office of future bank training 金融職訓處

Seed Instructor Selection

Certificate Guidance - Seed Instructors

1.Select enthusiastic students from sophomore to senior years who have passed relevant teaching subjects to form the Financial Certificate Seed Instructor Team.

2.Develop relevant courses based on the certificate subjects and plan one small-scale certificate course per week.

3.Collaborate with testing organizations each semester to arrange collective participation of students in certificate exams, including Securities Specialist, Futures Specialist, Financial Planning Personnel, Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Professionals, International Banking Personnel, Financial Derivatives Sales Personnel, Property Insurance Salesperson, Personal insurance Salesperson, Senior Securities Specialist.




Financial Career Training Camp - Seed Instructors


The Financial Career Training Camp is designed for practical exercises in three major financial categories: banking, securities, and insurance. The program will cover diverse and enriching topics, including trust, debt collection, stock market analysis, securities trading, insurance operations, and more. It aims to enhance students' practical financial skills. Upon completion of the camp, students will receive a certificate from the Vocational Training and Counseling Center, which will be advantageous for future employment matching and internships.