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office of future bank training 金融職訓處

Financial Vocational Training Camp

In today's diverse and complex financial industry, students need a preliminary understanding of practical operations and applications before entering the workplace. To address this need, the Financial Training Department has designed a camp program centered around practical exercises. The goal is to help students gain insights into various types of practical operations in personal finance, insurance, and corporate finance. This arrangement aims to provide students with valuable supplements to their future career paths.

  • Camp Features:
    A practical exercise session held once per semester, led by senior students who have completed internship experiences and certification courses. The exercises are based on real-life cases and involve practical operations and applications. The course will focus on three main categories: personal finance in banking, the insurance sector, and corporate finance, offering in-depth exploration of financial service practices from different perspectives.
  • Course Content:

         Personal Finance in Banking:

Explore the operational procedures at bank counters, from customer reception to handling various financial transactions. Understand the importance of customer service and gain hands-on experience in the processes and details of financial transactions.

          Insurance Sector:

Learn about the process of backend insurance claims review and understand the key steps in the insurance claims process. Analyze real insurance cases, comprehend various types of insurance claims processing methods, and uncover the reasons behind claims decisions.

         Corporate Finance:

Learn methods to analyze a company's financial condition and interpret its economic health from financial statements. Write credit reports to assess customer credit risk from the perspectives of credit ratings and risk analysis.

  • Learning Benefits:
    Through this camp program, the Financial Training Department aims to enhance students' practical understanding of finance and deepen their comprehension of the financial sector through practical exercises. Additionally, the program seeks to help students identify suitable job positions that align with their skills and interests, facilitating early career path alignment. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate issued by the Financial Training Department, which can serve as a favorable addition to their internship and job applications. It is believed that this course will have a positive impact on students' future careers and professional development.