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office of future bank training 金融職訓處

Certification Exam Coaching Class

About Certification Exam Coaching Class


      In order to cultivate students' practical financial abilities, the Future Bank Training selects outstanding students as seed teachers every semester and establishes the "Financial Certification Exam Coaching Class." Relevant courses are offered based on the certification subjects, and a special class is opened for students with outstanding athletic achievements.

teacher:The student team of instructors selected by the FBT.

Course restrictions: Laptops are allowed in class. Attendance is required at the end of each session, and it will be considered for extra credits or assessment in the physical course.

Detailed course schedules for each semester can be found in the group announcements.
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Certificate Student Team Course Planning and Execution Window.-
Assistant WU,CHIAO-I



111-2 種子教師證照輔導課程安排